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Welcome To Luna Cottage

A women's transitional living destination. We provide all residents with a safe and caring environment where the women are encouraged to become independent through working, going to 12 step meetings, sponsorship and step work. We believe that taking the time to work on oneself in a peaceful environment is the key to lasting spiritual recovery. Our house is unique because we believe in utilizing activities that stimulate the physical body with mental, spiritual and emotional practices. Throughout your stay we bring in classes to teach yoga, dance, organic gardening, art and craft, nutrition, hula hooping, massage, meditation and drumming. It is our belief that by finding a passion along with obtaining a healthy daily routine our residents find long lasting recovery while acquiring new alternative techniques to deal with emotional, spiritual, physical and mental tribulations. Many residents find new hobbies and take this with them to share with others and incorporate into their new life.

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Women After Rehab

Chances are you have just gone through detox and maybe even drug or alcohol rehab. You are ready to transition back into a healthy living environment. You have been through group therapy, individual therapy, and many lessons on drug and alcohol addiction. You are ready to live in the solution and in the world of recovery. Did you know that there are alternative activities that have been helpful to women in recovery? Well there are and we like to make these alternatives available to you as you begin your new life. Activities such as Yoga, Organic Gardening, Massage, Hula Hooping, Meditation, Drumming, Dance and Arts & Crafts helps to promote spiritual and emotional growth as well as personal development. While participating in the activities that suites you and recovering from drugs and alcohol you will experience several life inspiring benefits as well as learning how to gain sight of your life's priorities. Since we are a close knit and small women's sober house we have the ability to tailor the activities to satisfy your individual needs.

These alternative activities may offer you:
  • Stress release
  • Calmness
  • Better ability to focus
  • Discipline
  • Mood improvement
  • Replace bad habits with good habits
  • Grow as an individual
  • Learn to nurture yourself

We by know means proclaim that these activities alone will cure drug or alcohol addiction. We believe in a well balanced recovery plan including 12 step meetings, sponsorship, service work, traditional therapy and alternative activities. Starting a life free of drugs and alcohol is confusing and difficult. With options like these we hope to make this time a little bit easier and ideally enjoyable!


Women In Recovery

Overcoming addiction can be a triumphant experience for women struggling with addition. Women early in the recovery process need a strong support system of those who care about them. Sometimes it is difficult to share feelings and struggles with people who have never been addicted to drugs, that's why its important to be in a strong treatment facility with those who understand.  Luna Cottage is a great place where women early in the recovery process can go to regain their confidence and strength while receiving drug addiction treatment.  Relaxing Environment - Luna Cottage is located in Lake Worth, FL. This is a small quiet community where you can ride a bike, read a book or go swimming. It's the perfect environment for someone who just left a treatment facility. The Florida sun make it a great place to take quiet walks, exercise and practice prayer or meditation.  Uplifting Activities - Luna Cottage has a lot of activities that are uplifting for anyone early in recovery. The activities include dance classes, hula hooping, organic gardening, yoga, meditation, and more. There are things the residents can do own their own or with others on the large property surrounding the house. These activities are positive and uplifting for for drug addiction treatment or other addictions including alcohol or eating disorders. Many therapists believe that positive activities help women stay strong in the early recovery process. This can help women beat their addictions for lasting sobriety.  Overcoming addiction doesn't end when a person leaves the rehab center. Those early in the recovery process need a comfortable and caring place like Luna Cottage to help keep them on the right path to a new life. This sober house is a great place for those who have been clean for 28 days or more. Luna Cottage focuses on teaching residents how to live and love themselves again. For more information call 561-354-5557.