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Alcoholic Testimonial Story

Hi I’m an alcoholic. My name is Lynn D. and I’m from Hazleton, Pennsylvania.

When I came to see Luna Cottage and meet with the owner I was pretty much an insecure, scared woman trying to stay in recovery. At the time I was staying with my (great) sponsor Susan. It was time for me to experience another part of my journey – to live alone for a while and ultimately share this cottage with other women in recovery.

I met with the owner of Luna Cottage, toured the house and discussed the cost of living here. She put my mind at ease. I could call her anytime. Her manager would take me for groceries, doctor appointments and to some meetings. Each day I have to check in with the manager to discuss what my plans are for the day and then we meet at night to go over my day. This made me feel safe & comfortable.

I’ve been here eight weeks now. I love it. I’ve gained my independence back and relearned to be self reliant. I attend daily meetings. I’m going to be starting an IOP program that is being offered to everyone in Luna Cottage for free. I am really looking forward to that. Luna Cottage is a modern, beautiful house where I feel safe, secure and loved. Isn’t that what life should be about? If you want to grow in your recovery journey and your’s serious about staying clean and sober then Luna Cottage is perfect for you!

I hope my alcoholic testimonial story will help you to make a positive choice for your recovery from Addiction.