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Alternative Activities

Sober Living For Women. Reset, Refresh & Energize

alternative therapyChances are you have just gone through detox and maybe even drug or alcohol rehab. You are ready to transition back into a healthy living environment. You have been through group therapy, individual therapy, and many lessons on drug and alcohol addiction. You are ready to live in the solution and in the world of recovery. Did you know that there are alternative activities that have been helpful to women in recovery? Well there are and we like to make these alternatives available to you as you begin your new life.

Activities such as Yoga, Organic Gardening, Massage, Hula Hooping, Meditation, Drumming, Dance and Arts & Crafts helps to promote spiritual and emotional growth as well as personal development. While participating in the activities that suites you and recovering from drugs and alcohol you will experience several life inspiring benefits as well as learning how to gain sight of your life’s priorities.

Since we are a close knit and small women’s sober house we have the ability to tailor the activities to satisfy your individual needs.

These alternative activities may offer you:

  • stress release
  • calmness
  • better ability to focus
  • discipline
  • mood improvement
  • replace bad habits with good habits
  • grow as an individual
  • learn to nurture yourself

We by know means proclaim that these activities alone will cure drug or alcohol addiction. We believe in a well balanced recovery plan including 12 step meetings, sponsorship, service work, traditional therapy and alternative activities.

Starting a life free of drugs and alcohol is confusing and difficult. With options like these we hope to make this time a little bit easier and ideally enjoyable!

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