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Arts & Crafts

Sober Living For Women. Reset, Refresh & Energize

women art therapyWomen early in recovery have started on a life without their addiction and it’s hard to know what to do and how to live a sober life. We like to provide ideas to inspire the women who stay at our sober house. Some of these ideas might spark an occupation change or might introduce a new hobby. We believe in alternative therapies to enlighten the soul.

Arts & Crafts is one of the favorites of our women who stay here. Through this creative process you might find that your mood is enhanced as well as an overall improvement in your physical, mental and emotional well being. Self expression through arts and crafts is known to help women;

  • release stress
  • develop better self worth
  • walk through personal issues
  • create healthy social skills
  • gain self-awareness & insights
  • deal better with mental problems
  • combat family and relationship issues
  • help with trauma

We do so many different crafts here like making body scrubs, jewelry or god boxes. Some sessions might be drawing or painting. We like to base our classes in the interests of the women who are actually staying at the sober house. Arts and crafts classes become a fun and fulfilling time of recreation for the women. We invite you to inquire here and learn more about how Luna Cottage may help you.


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