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A story of a Women Drug Addict who Finds Recovery

I am Karen and I am a drug addict. I have struggled with addiction to alcohol, pain killers and crystal meth. It all started when I pulled my back at work. I was in such bad pain, my doctor gave me a temporary back brace, and prescribed some Vicodin. At first I took them as directed, but after a while the effect wasn’t strong enough.

I started taking more and more at a time, and sometimes with alcohol. It wasn’t long before I used up my final refill, and my doctor refused to prescribe me any more. This caused me to look for my fix elsewhere. It was from a drug dealer who sold me pills that I was turned on to crystal meth. That is when things got out of control.

I started selling all of my valuables for meth, including some priceless family heirlooms. I was putting off paying my bills so I could get high, and pretty soon I had collector’s calling me daily. After I missed too much work and lost my job, I decided I needed help, and checked myself into rehab,

After rehab, I was not ready to go back to my old apartment. I was afraid of getting back into old habits. I needed a place to heal, and that is when I learned about the women’s halfway house in Lake Worth Florida. I headed there right after rehab, and it made all the difference.  I was quickly acquainted with the friendly and helpful staff, and I made some life long friends. I enjoyed the positive atmosphere, and was in a place where I could thrive without judgment. After I left the women’s halfway house in Lake Worth Florida, I left a changed person.

When I came back to my hometown, I was stronger and more willful than when I left. I have gained control of my life, and turned things around. I managed to get my old job back, and slowly paid off my creditors. My life is back on track, and that was owed partly to my experience in the women’s halfway house in Lake Worth Florida. If you, or someone you know is in a situation similar to mine, visit today to give your recovery a chance to settle in. You’ll be glad you did.