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Popular Drug Addictions

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The number of addictive drugs available to women of every age and social demographic is larger than ever before.  Drug addictions and dependencies are not limited to substances such as marijuana, heroin, cocaine, and other federally controlled drugs, but can also be found in the consumption of legally available commodities like alcohol and prescription drugs.

Some of the most common drug addictions are:

  • Opiates – Opiates includes drugs such as opium, morphine, codeine, and heroin (all of which are derivatives of each other or the poppy plant).
  • Alcohol – Alcoholism has been deemed a legitimate disease, and continued use and abuse of alcohol can have devastating physical consequences on a person’s body, not to mention the social, interpersonal, and professional impact it can have on that person’s life.
  • Prescription Drugs – The most commonly abused prescription drugs include pain medications such as Lortab, Percocet, OxyContin, and Vicodin, and nerve or anxiety medications such as Xanax, Ritalin, Adderall, Klonopin, and Valium.
  • Marijuana – Despite the growing number of states that have decriminalized the medical use of marijuana, it is still illegal on a federal level and is classified as a Schedule I substance, which has the highest rate of abuse and dependency.
  • Cocaine – Along with marijuana, cocaine is one of the most used and abused illicit substances in existence today.  Whether it is snorted, smoked, injected, or eaten, cocaine has a very high tendency for addiction.

Drug addictions can destroy both the addict and those who are closest to her, such as friends, family members, and other loved ones.  The continually downward spiral that a drug addict follows is one that will lead to a broken ending, no matter how positive things may look now.  It’s easy to tell yourself that you can quit anytime when it reality, you can’t. It’s also easy to tell yourself that after 30 days of drug treatment that you will stay clean and sober. This is very difficult and going home may be triggering.  A sober house can provide you or your loved one with the help they need to learn how to stay sober out of treatment but in a safe, compassionate, and supportive environment.

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