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What is a good women’s sober house in Lake Worth, FL?

Sober Living For Women. Reset, Refresh & Energize

Lake Worth Florida Halfway HouseThe battle to recover from addiction is a long one, and many triggers associated with an addiction can be found in your environment. In order to find a place that allows you to fully grow into a person free from addiction, it can be very beneficial to spend time in a women’s sober house. In Lake Worth, FL, Luna Cottage is a quaint and cozy sober house that allows women to spend time outside of their normal environment while spending more time growing.

Luna Cottage is a good women’s sober house in Lake Worth, FL that provides activities that allow for a way to channel energy in healthy ways. At Luna Cottage, activities including arts and crafts, yoga, meditation, organic gardening, massage therapy, music, and more allow for women staying there to find new outlets. As a sober house, Luna Cottage is drug and alcohol free and promotes 12 step programs as a powerful way to battle addiction.

Above all, a women’s sober house can foster a sense of community, so that you do not need to feel so alone while you battle your addiction. With the help of new friends and a supporting atmosphere, change is possible.

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