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Good women’s sober house in palm beach county

Sober Living For Women. Reset, Refresh & Energize

Where is a good women’s sober house in Palm Beach County, FL?

Addiction has no boundaries and it can wreak havoc on anyone’s life regardless of their gender, age, or race. As a woman you may be feeling overwhelmed or even ashamed of any poor life choices you’ve made, but fortunately you have the power to overcome these issues. With the right help, you’ll be well on your way to creating a new and improved life that’s free from the grips of addiction. Palm beach county residents in search of the right woman’s sober house should consider Luna Cottage. The state of the art facility provides a comfortable environment to ensure a smooth transition into your new drug free lifestyle.

How Luna Cottage Can Improve Your Life

Luna Cottage in Lake Worth, FL focuses not only on your addiction, but also on your self esteem by helping you to become independent and self reliant. By applying the valuable life skills you learned in treatment, and by forming a solid routine, your days will be packed with meetings, work and activities to help you stay on track during your recovery. By attending 12 step meetings each day, and by obtaining a sponsor, you will feel empowered throughout your recovery. Once a week you will also attend an in-house meeting to discuss your progress as well. By following these programs, you’ll be taking the right steps to ensure a full recovery.You’ll also learn valuable tips and coaching to help prevent any future relapses from occurring.

What Our Sober House Has To Offer

Our cozy house offers weekly activities ranging from hula hooping and yoga to organic gardening to help you achieve peace of mind during this transitional time. Here you will find the emotional support you need to help you balance your mind, body, and health. With the freedom to cook your own meals, you’ll gain the peace of mind you crave. Here at the women’s sober house in Palm Beach County, you’ll gain the skills needed to live an independent life and reestablish yourself by becoming gainfully employment.

Why Is Luna Cottage The Right Choice When Choosing Woman’s A Sober House?

Located in Palm Beach County, FL, Luna Cottage provides a safe haven for woman who are adjusting to their new life that’s free of addiction. Your recovery is our number one goal and this can be achieved by forming a healthy routine free of drugs and alcohol during your stay.

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