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What is a halfway house?

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In our case, at Luna Cottage, a halfway house is a place where you can come and enjoy and expand on your new found freedom from the addictions you worked so hard to get away from. It is a nice, quiet setting where many women have come to find the peace and relaxation that comes with reading, swimming, taking a class or just enjoying the atmosphere of Lake Worth, Florida. So, what is a halfway house? It is support, empowerment and passion for recovery in your difficult journey.

Activities are what makes this special place what it is. It is the close friendships and assistance that comes from people who know what you have been going through and truly understand what it takes to recover. Those can take the form of just about anything you desire. Most will be classes in many of the enjoyable activities women take away with them:

  • Organic gardening for stress release and sense of accomplishment
  • Massage
  • Yoga is a prime wellness and body enhancing regimen as well as a confidence builder
  • Arts and crafts for fun and learning
  • Nutrition. Feeding your body as well as your mind and emotional needs are all part of a balanced approach that also tastes good.
  • Meditation is part of the inner wellness that we wish to help you achieve through all of the many elements of your stay with us.

What is a halfway house?

At Luna Cottage, we work with you to help you fulfill the promises you made to yourself when you began your journey of 12 step programs, rehabilitative steps and sponsorships. Our environment is conducive to this as it is a peaceful place to embark on former hobbies, learn new ones and meet people who are working on the same things you are.

What is a halfway house?

At Luna Cottage, it is an environment for stress relief as well as discipline. You will achieve a better ability to focus on the important things in your new life. As you replace bad habits with good ones, your mood improves as you learn to nurture yourself and grow as the unique individual you are.

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