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LGBTQA Housing

Sober Living For Women. Reset, Refresh & Energize

LGBTQ Safe Space HalfwayWe have evolved! Luna Cottage started out as a women’s halfway house and today we are a safe space for women, trans women, trans men, gay men, lesbian women, bisexual men and women, and allies to the LGBTQ community all in recovery.

We have been working very hard to truly create a save space for our population and have created a culture that is loving, kind and safe. It has been through much experience that we have developed this safe LGBTQA housing. We really rely on the energy of people who vibe to figure out which place is most fitting. Don’t get me wrong you can expect to have growing pains in our halfway house even within your own community but it is through living and learning how to better communicate and create and keep a safe space for the person who comes in after you. We encourage all tenants to be welcoming to the new person and we love learning from the next unique individual who enters our space. In essence LGBTQ is very limiting to our community as our tenants range across a much wider spectrum at times and are still working on figuring out who they are both in recovery and life.

Our safe space housing lends a culture that allows the LGBTQ community to feel safe hence being able to focus more time on learning how to live a clean and sober lifestyle. There is no explaining or feeling different here because the difference is the norm in Luna Cottage environment. If you feel like this sounds safe and exciting to you please feel free to call us for a tour or talk with someone on the phone who can help you get setup in our housing.

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