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Luxury Women’s Halfway House

Sober Living For Women. Reset, Refresh & Energize

Addictions to alcohol and drugs hit people in different ways, and men and women react to addiction differently as well. It’s for this reason that Luna Cottage was established, to provide women a place where they can continue their recovery after their initial breaking free from addiction.

Once having completed a rehabilitation program, a majority of women realize that they need an additional transition phase for recovery before returning entirely to their original life. With recovery so sensitive in the first few weeks, going back too soon the environment where a problem occurred can reverse a rehabilitation very quickly. Instead, utilizing the resource of transitional housing, a patient can reinforce newly discovered ways to stabilize and retain a recovery status. This helps avoid a relapse into addiction and avoid early temptations as well. The gains made in drug and alcohol recovery can be exponential when coupled with a transition housing program. It’s no surprise then that many drug counseling experts encourage and support transition housing as part of a complete recovery program.

Luna Cottage offers patients and recovering women a luxury women’s halfway house that will reinforce and help increase the chances of full recovery from addiction. With training, classes, and a monitored environment for patients, most visitors over time won’t be able to tell that they are at a luxury women’s halfway house versus a getaway relaxation cottage. This approach works well for our customers and still provides the key transition housing that make addiction recovery a success in women. Luna Cottage can help; give us a call to find out more information.

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