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My friend’s sobriety started at a women’s sober house

One of my friends who has been sober from alcohol and drug use for several decades described to me the inner struggles that she has experienced over the years.  She has slowly regained her life and has developed her sense of self worth over time.  I saw a beautiful woman giving herself a fresh start for the sake of her own life and that of her family.

Yet I also wondered how she was able to fight her battles by herself.  What I have learned over time is that connecting to community and being inspired by other women is a major way to heal, grow and develop as a person.  By living at a women’s sober house, you are able to truly embrace your ability to heal through sharing a common experience.

Living at a women’s sober house is a sign of strength.  I believe that each woman has an opportunity to recreate her life as she strives to stay sober.  When she is able to teach herself healthy techniques for calmness, stress release and creativity, she has a chance to renew herself and her life.  All this is done in the supportive environment with other strong women.

Luna Cottage is not just a safe and secure place to live.  It provides an opportunity to create new friendships and discover new loves and talents.  A women’s sober house that advocates for alternative ideas including yoga and meditation is a perfect place to build this inner trust and self guidance. This is the basis of our community.

If you are recovering from drug or alcohol addition or an eating disorder, please call or email Luna Cottage.  I believe that you will find the perfect place to begin your journey.