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Alcoholic Testimonial Story

Hi I’m an alcoholic. My name is Lynn D. and I’m from Hazleton, Pennsylvania. When I came to see Luna Cottage and meet with the owner I was pretty much an insecure, scared woman trying to stay in recovery. At the time I was staying with my (great) sponsor Susan. It was time for me to experience another part of my

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What is a good women’s sober house near Boynton Beach, FL?

It took me a while to admit I had a problem. There was a lot of pressure at work and at home. At first it was a few drinks after work to help me relax. Later came drinking at lunch. Then there were nights I didn’t remember how I got home. I thought I was in control, but I wasn’t.

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Woman alcoholic finds help in sober house

When my sister was diagnosed with depression, my family was at a loss of how to help her. She suffered from a low sense of self worth and was unable to let go of the past. In many ways, her depression was like an addiction. In a way, she had a chemical dependency. It was only after years of antidepressants

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My friend’s sobriety started at a women’s sober house

One of my friends who has been sober from alcohol and drug use for several decades described to me the inner struggles that she has experienced over the years.  She has slowly regained her life and has developed her sense of self worth over time.  I saw a beautiful woman giving herself a fresh start for the sake of her own life

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A Story of a Woman Alcoholic

My name is Celia, and, it’s hard to talk about sometimes, but I was addicted to alcohol for several years. I started out drinking socially in college: I would go out with friends or on dates. I graduated and grew up, but I never grew out of heavy drinking. It didn’t seem so bad at first. All I knew was,

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A story of a Women Drug Addict who Finds Recovery

I am Karen and I am a drug addict. I have struggled with addiction to alcohol, pain killers and crystal meth. It all started when I pulled my back at work. I was in such bad pain, my doctor gave me a temporary back brace, and prescribed some Vicodin. At first I took them as directed, but after a while

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