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Sober Recovery

Sober Living For Women. Reset, Refresh & Energize

Addiction is one of the most crippling diseases with which anyone can struggle. Though there are many misconceptions, addiction is indeed a disease. Unfortunately, many people have emotional pain that they cope with on a daily basis and this pain can overwhelm them to the point that they search for an unhealthy outlet. When drugs and alcohol are used as crutches to help a person cope with reality, sober recovery may be the only viable treatment to return the addict to a clean lifestyle.

Unfortunately, addiction doesn’t just affect the person abusing the drugs or alcohol. Every one who cares for the addict is subject to the emotional roller coaster ride that addiction causes. The impact of addiction can affect every aspect of society, making living with an addict just as challenging as struggling with addiction. The emotional toll is easy to calculate because the addict’s primary focus becomes the drugs and being shunned by a a parent, brother, sister or even a child, can be devastating. However, there is more than emotional strain that can be placed upon the families and loved ones.

The financial toll felt by the loved ones of an addict is a heavy burden to bear as well. Many times, the addict will rely on friends and family to enable the negative behavior. This can be something as simple as asking for a meal after the grocery money was spent on drugs. Others may ask for help with rent or transportation expenses. The loved ones will typically comply because they think they’re helping the addict, but the only true help is sober recovery which gets the person clean for life so they no longer need the financial support of others.

The Burden of drug use can even be physical as the chemicals ravage the user’s body. Many drugs contain harmful oxidizers which make the addict age much faster than a non-user. It’s not uncommon for former close friends to not recognize an addict that he or she hasn’t seen in years. Yellowing of the eyes and skin, discoloring of the hair, the formation of wrinkles and  fine lines are just a few of the physical alterations a user’s body can undergo when harmful chemicals are introduced on a daily basis. Fortunately, sober recovery can prevent the emotional, physical and financial hardship by showing the addict how to live without the drugs and alcohol.

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