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Substance Abuse Outpatient

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Substance Abuse Outpatient

According to the Office of National Drug Control Policy, substance abuse is a growing problem among the female population.  A 2009 National Survey on Drug Use and Health report found almost seven percent of women over the age of 12 had used illicit drugs in the month before the study, as well as the fact that women in the criminal justice system comprise almost 60 percent of state and 50 percent of federal prisoners. This information makes it easy to see why Luna Cottage wants to be sure that those suffering get the help they deserve.

Complications for Individuals and the Community

As people struggle with drug and alcohol abuse, it is both the addict that suffers, plus the people who love them and the community as well. Addiction leads to an increased risk of driving while intoxicated or high, that places the abuser and those in the community at risk. Drug abuse can lead to medical conditions that result in multiple hospitalizations. This places a tremendous burden on family members who may not have any idea where to turn for help.  At Luna Cottage we encourage the women to attend either an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) or an Outpatient Program (OP). We work with multiple IOP substance abuse services in the area. Sometimes there will be help for both the addict and those who love them with these programs.

Mental Health

IOP and OP use a various processes that often include a combination of therapies, group sessions and individual sessions with understanding and first-hand knowledge in dealing with an addicted personality. They focus on teaching the abuser methods for managing life without the crutch of alcohol or drugs, and help them develop healthy methods for dealing with stress, emotions and those around them that may encourage bad decisions. They use dual diagnosis processes to identify any underlying issues that could lead someone to abuse alcohol or drugs, including abuse, depression or post-traumatic stress disorder. Many times, an addict needs treatment for more than one condition in order to successfully battle their addiction problem.

Treatment Benefits of Substance Abuse Outpatient

Outpatient treatment provides treatment for the person addicted to alcohol or drugs as they are learning to live a life outside of rehab. Staying in a sober house gives the addicted person a safe and comfortable environment to return home to after work or school. Outpatient gives that extra bounce of support that may be needed after leaving a short inpatient program.  The more defense the better!

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