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Woman alcoholic finds help in sober house

When my sister was diagnosed with depression, my family was at a loss of how to help her. She suffered from a low sense of self worth and was unable to let go of the past. In many ways, her depression was like an addiction. In a way, she had a chemical dependency. It was only after years of antidepressants and therapy did her condition improve. One of the greatest things she found in her life was yoga that she practices religiously every day. She learned the art of self-nurture.

A woman alcoholic can also benefit from the holistic care of a program. As my sister thrived in her yoga practice, she also blossomed with exploring her artistic and creative side. Oftentimes, the root of women and alcoholism has biological factors and spiritual issues as well. The sense of self worth is compromised. If you can relate to this statement then you have a chance to heal yourself. You too can find your way.

At the Luna Cottage, women are provided with a space to express their sense of creativity and get in touch with the needs of their own bodies. It is a detox program and recovery center that treats every woman alcoholic with dignity, no matter what her history and background is. If it is the peace of mind you are seeking, as well as holistic tools like yoga, organic gardening and massage, then you will find a safe haven here. Women who choose to stay in sober houses experience the following:

  • Stress release
  • Calmer moods
  • Discipline
  • Growth as an individual
  • Self-nurturing
  • An ability to focus

I encourage you to contact Luna Cottage and to see another side of life. Please call us today at 561-354-5557.