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A Story of a Woman Alcoholic

My name is Celia, and, it’s hard to talk about sometimes, but I was addicted to alcohol for several years. I started out drinking socially in college: I would go out with friends or on dates. I graduated and grew up, but I never grew out of heavy drinking. It didn’t seem so bad at first. All I knew was, drinking was fun and I could afford it. I never felt it was becoming a habit or a problem, but I was just too conceited to think I could ever be “one of those people.”

That wouldn’t last forever, though. I would wake up feeling anxious, nauseous, and like Ineeded a drink to start the day. I got angry when I ran out, and my boyfriend became concerned when I asked him to buy alcohol for me in increasing quantities. He never used the word “alcoholic”, but that’s what I was. I finally acknowledged it when, one morning when I screamed, cursed, and hurled glassware at him after he refused to go to the store.

It took some convincing, but I signed up for rehab. I hated it at first. I lost my job, my family wouldn’t speak to me, and my boyfriend treated me more like a kid than a grown woman. I felt scared and alone and had no idea where to go after rehab. It seemed like a woman alcoholic was hard for people to understand and I was afraid of being stuck in some run-down halfway house with people I didn’t know. 

My boyfriend found this place after I finished detoxing, though, this women’s halfway house called Luna Cottage. He was afraid I’d slide back, so he paid to put me up there until I could prove I was straight. I was skeptical, but it was the best thing I ever did. They do everything they can to get you on your feet: they get you working a 12-step program, they enable you to find a job and they have things like yoga and hula hooping to help you relax. I wasn’t judged and everybody I recovered with was amazing and sensitive. I feel like I’m getting my life back, like I have a real chance. I wake up happier every day. If you’re fighting, or you know someone who is, help them get sober and drop these people a line. The number’s 561-354-5557, the site’s It’s the best decision you could make.