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Women in Recovery

Sober Living For Women. Reset, Refresh & Energize

women recoveryIf you are a woman who just got out of rehab or a detox program and are looking for a safe serene place to complete your journey into a beautiful new life, then call 561-354-5557 to get more information on the perfect home away from home. This beautiful women’s sober house offers a large beautiful backyard is the perfect place to start life again while enjoying the serenity of South Florida living. A warm support group is there to see you thrive. You will be living amongst strong women in recovery who will inspire, and support you in your process of recovery.

After putting down the drugs or alcohol everyone is searching for that group of people who will be nurturing and caring, and understand what they are going through. The only people who will truly understand your struggles early in sobriety are other women in recovery. Being in a women’s halfway house is ideal for those who want that boost back into society without any of the temptations that may cause relapse. When you are feeling down there is always someone around to give you a hug, words of encouragement, or just a warm smile.

There is almost not a better place to begin recovery then living a few blocks away from the beach. How wonderful to be able to take a short walk to the beach or inner coastal and sit on the sand and meditate or write in your journal, or take a deep breath of fresh air. Recovery is a process that takes faith and work but sometimes it’s just nice to sit on the sand with the ocean before you.

Whether your struggles were drug or alcohol addiction or an eating disorder, recovery is always easier when done amongst people who care and understand.  If you are looking for a small peaceful  drug and alcohol free home with a caring loving staff  just call 561-354-5557 to be connected to an admissions specialist.

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