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How is sober living after rehabilitation?

Sober Living For Women. Reset, Refresh & Energize

You are unique. So is your story. But, as a person in early recovery you have something in common with others at the same stage. Your sobriety is new, it’s precious to you and it’s fragile. To nurture it you need to nurture yourself gradually and gain a strong footing in the world. You’ve been out of this world for a few weeks in a safe structured environment and while you yearn for freedom and a return to the familiar you also realize that this world and your reactions to it caused you difficulties in the past. The triggers and situations that helped create your original dependence are still out there. Your old way of coping was dysfunctional. You turned to substances to cope. How will you cope now? You need to learn new ways of functioning in the world and replace substances with new ways of reacting to old stressors. At Luna Cottage we encourage the replacement of substances with alternative activities.

Sober living may be the perfect place to take the next step on your journey of recovery. Sober living is a continuation of the safe environment that helped you achieve sobriety in the first place. This group housing option has some things in common with rehabilitation facilities yet begins to simulate a return to the real world. It’s the best of both worlds. It gives you more time to nurture yourself and your sobriety and meet the world again one step at a time.

How is sober living like rehabilitation?

  • You live in a supportive group home
  • There are rules to follow that are proven to aid in maintenance of sobriety
    • Zero tolerance for drugs, alcohol or violence
    • Random drug testing
    • Voluntary surrender of all addictive substances
    • Continued attendance to a recovery program
    • Curfew
    • Responsibilities around the house

How does sober living enable increased independence?

  • Become a productive member of society by either:
    • Returning to work
    • Obtaining a job
    • Attending school
    • Volunteering
  • Pay your own rent (though some qualify for assistance)
  • Learn new hobbies and positive uses for your time

When you are ready to continue the gradual road to recovery don’t do it alone. Maximize your chances for success. Reach out. Contact Us at Luna Cottage for sober living in beautiful Southern Florida. We’re here for you.

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