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Women’s Sober House in Palm Beach County

Sober Living For Women. Reset, Refresh & Energize

If you are recovering from addiction and have already completed detox, we at Luna Cottage understand how terrifying your transition back into society can be. Luna Cottage is a women’s sober house in Palm Beach County that was created with women like you in mind. Our house was designed to provide women like you with a safe and loving environment that is filled with positive reinforcement and encouragement during their recovery.

Why Choose a Women’s Sober House in Palm Beach County?

A number of studies have shown that women who reside at a sober house after completing detox and/or rehabilitation treatment are much more likely to remain sober in the future. This is likely due to the added support and encouragement women receive while transitioning into everyday life.

Women who stay in a transitional home like Luna Cottage are taught numerous techniques to improve their coping skills and help them fight their addiction. They are taught how to avoid circumstances that might put them at a higher risk for relapse, and how to deal with those situations when they arise.

Why Choose Luna Cottage?

Located in Lake Worth, FL, our sober house provides women with serenity and peace as they travel along their journey through recovery. We at Luna Cottage recognize the frustrations and fears that are often experienced during a journey to sobriety. We offer a variety of activities and learning opportunities that focus on maximizing your ability to rebuild your self confidence and discover physical, metal, and spiritual health.

At Luna Cottage, we believe in combining the methods of traditional activities with alternative activities in order to help you achieve your goals. Just some of the activities offered here at Luna Cottage include:

  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Organic Gardening
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Promotion of the 12-step programs
  • Meetings

Reaching Your Goals

Luna Cottage provides women with a safe and secure environment while encouraging participation in a solid daily routine to help them discover a life without addiction. If you or someone you care about is recovering from addiction, contact Luna Cottage and make arrangements to begin your journey to recovery.

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