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Young Women in Recovery

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young women recoveryTransitioning from a rehab facility back into the real world is a tough adjustment for anyone but particularly for young women in recovery from drug and alcohol addictions or those suffering from an eating disorder. It can be truly frightening to step back into reality with the thought of facing all those old demons all at once with little or not outside support.

That’s one of the main reasons many ladies find a transition facility the ideal setting to reestablish their lives without the fear of returning to old, destructive habits.  Transitioning allows young women in recovery the opportunity to return to work or school safely without many of the social pressures that often accompany life in general.

Issues Facing Young Women Today
Many teenage girls and young women find it difficult to navigate the constant bombardment of perceived social perfection. This is a truly understandable phenomenon. From a very early age, girls are shown the glamorous ideals of beautify. Unfortunately, few people can ever truly live up to those edited images in magazine ads and on television. Yet that doesn’t stop peers from judging those of us who don’t naturally ‘fit in’ from harsh criticism.

As a result, you may have found yourself over or under eating, or perhaps you began using drugs or alcohol to hide the pain. The good news is, you’ve begun to successfully deal with your issues in a constructive and healthy way. Now you have to learn to use the newfound strength and confidence you’ve gained out in the real world.

Why Transitioning Works for Many Young Women in Recovery
Regardless of the program you’ve attended, transitioning offers you the opportunity to continue treatment while reintegrating into society. You will continue to have a caring and professional support groups and structured environment as you make incremental steps back toward real life. This allows you to continue your recovery at a manageable pace without feeling completely overwhelmed by the process.

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